Triazole PGR 95%TC Uniconazole
Triazole Plant Growth Regulators Uniconazole 95%TC, 5%WP
Package 25kg/drum
Growth Hormone Uniconazole 95%TC,5%WP

Product introduction
The Main Parameter:
Product Parameter
Product Name Uniconazole
CAS No. 83657-22-1
Content & Formulations 95%TC,5%WP
Physical & Chemical Property Appearance:  Off-White to Light Tan Solid Molecular Formula: C15H18ClN3O.


Molecular Weight: 291.78 Solubility: In water8.41 mg/l(25°C). In methanol 88.


Hexane 0.3, xylene 7(all in g/kg, 25°C).


Melting Point: 162~163 Boiling Point: 474.6°C at 760 mmHg Flash Point: 240.8 °C .
Toxicity Data Eye irritation: Slight irritation clearing in 7days or less Skin irritation: No irritation at72hours Dermal toxicity: The dermal LD50 in rabbits is >5g/kg Oral toxicity: The oral LD50 in rats is >5g/kg .


Inhalation toxicity: The 4 hour inhalation LC50 in rats is >5.9mg/L Skin sensitization: This product did not produce a skin .


sensitization reaction in a modified Buehler text in guinea pigs.
Crops Target Pets Dosage Method
Turf Regulate growth 300-450mg/kg Spray
Rape Regulate growth, increase yield 93.75-125mg/kg Spray
Physical and chemical properties
Appearance  White crystal solid
Metling point 147-164°C
Solubility  8.41mg/L in water(25°C),soluble in acetone, ethyl acetate, chloroform, DMF
Toxicity  Low toxicity, acute oral LD50>4642mg/kg


Product parameter
Product name  Uniconazole
CAS NO.  83657-22-1
Molecular Formula  C15H18ClN3O
Classification  Plant Growth Regulator
Specs  98%TC
Other Name  Sumgaic; Prunit; S-3307; S-327; XE-1019


Specs: 95%TC, 5%WP
Crops Target Pets Dosage Method
Turf  Regulate growth 300-450mg/kg Spray
Rape Regulate growth, increase yield 93.75-125mg/kg Spray 


Physical and chemical properties
CAS NO. 83657-22-1
Chemical  name  (E)-1-(4-Chlorophenyl)-4,4-dimethyl-2-(1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)pent-1-en-3-ol 
Appearance whitepowder
MolecularFormula C15H18ClN3O
MolecularWeight 291.78
Solubility Inwater8.41mg/l(25°C) Inmethanol88, hexane0.3, xylene7(alling/kg, 25°C)
MeltingPoint 162~163℃
BoilingPoint 474.6°Cat760mmHg
FlashPoint 240.8 °C 
Toxicity Acute oral toxicity to young mice
LD50 4000mg/kg ( male mice); 2850mg/kg (female mice)


Uniconazole also has the advantages of high efficiency, broad-spectrum, absorption bactericidal effect. It displayed good antimicrobial effect to rice blast disease, root rot of wheat, corn, rice bakanae disease, leaf blight of wheat scab, anthracnose. Uniconazole's E-type activities are 6-10 times more than that of paclobutrazol, meanwhile, the residue in the soil of uniconazole is 1/10 of paclobutrazol. So it's safer to soil and environment.
Uniconazole is applicable to crops, vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental plants, lawn, etc. It is a plant growth regulator, such as a GA synthesis inhibitor include height control for antilodging in cereal crops, chemical pruning and height control in fruit trees, plant size control in ornamental species, and growth control in turf, weeds, vine, shrubs, and trees. The secondary physiological effects are used as increasing reproductive growth (flower and fruit set) and improve plant resistance to environmental stress (e.g. drought, frost, and heat).
Uniconazole is a growth hormone, absorbed by the stems and roots. Uniconazole is used to reduce lodging in rice; to reduce vegetative growth and increase flowering of ornamentals; and to reduce vegetative growth and the need for pruning in trees.
Uniconazole is a kind of triazole plant growth regulator, is the gibberellin biosynthesis inhibitor, which both has bactericidal and herbicidal effects. It has been widely used on crops, fruit trees, Ornamental plants, etc.
It can inhibit elongation of internodal cells and retard plant growth dwarfing plants. It can improving the fruits lodging resistance, facilitate the formation of flower bud and raising crops yield, etc. Increasing yield after spray it.
Uniconazole is used in crops such as rice, wheat, tillering can be increased, plant height can be controlled, resistance ability of lodging can be enhanced.
Being used in fruit trees, vegetative growth on the shape of trees can be controlled.
Being used in Ornamental plants, the plant shape can be controlled, the differentiation of flower bud and blossom can be improved.

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