Plant Growth Regulator 1-Naphthylacetic Acid NAA hormone
CAS NO.: 86-87-3
Chemical Name: α-Naphthylacetic acid,1-Naphthylacetic acid

Product introduction
The Main Parameter:
Product Parameter
Product Name 1 naphthylacetic acid/NAA naphthylacetic acid/Naphthalene acetic acid
Classification Plant Growth Regulator / Agrochemical
CAS No. 86-87-3
Molecular formula C12H10O2
Appearance White or light yellow powder NAA
Specifications (COA) COA of 1 naphthylacetic acid/NAA naphthylacetic acid/Naphthalene acetic acidavailable
Formulations 1 naphthylacetic acid/NAA naphthylacetic acid/Naphthalene acetic acid 95%,98%
1-Naphthylacetic Acid 98% TC  Registration Certificate No.PD20097453
1-Naphthylacetic Acid 5% SL   Registration Certificate No.PD20093135
Solubility soluble in ethanol and sodium hydroxide
Target crops Mango, Cucumber, Tomato, Lemon, Grape,Wheat and Barley, Cotton, Orange,fruit, vegetables, horticultural plants and other crops
Function Description

1 naphthylacetic acid/NAA naphthylacetic acid/Naphthalene acetic acid


Suitable for cereal crops, increasing tiller, increasing tassel rate and 1000-grain weight;Cotton reduces boll shedding, increases peach to increase weight, improve quality.Fruit trees promote flowering, prevent fruit falling, accelerate ripening and increase yield.Fruits and vegetables to prevent falling flowers, form small seed fruit;Promote the rooting of cuttings, etc


The application of plant growth regulator in flower production can not only promote flower growth, control plant type, induce flowering and fruiting, prevent flower disease and shedding, but also improve planting efficiency.The specific use methods are as follows:

Promote the growth of stem Ø Promote cutting take root: when cutting, the base of Chinese rose branch that length is 6 centimeters -8 centimeters is immersed in concentration 100 milligram -150 milligram/litre naphthalene acetic acid solution, can induce root.

Induced flowering Ø Spray the pineapple leaves with 5-10 mg/l naphthalene acetic acid solution to make the pineapple blossom earlier.Using naphthalene acetic acid solution with concentration of 50-100 mg/l to spray evenly on the surface of ornamental fruits and flowers can delay the aging of fruits and prolong the flower and flower appreciation period.

Prevent flower disease and shedding Ø With the concentration of 50 mg/l naphthalene acetic acid in the flower market in the first 7 days of uniform spray on flowers, leaves, can reduce flowers, bracts in high temperature and low lighting conditions naturally off

Toxicity 1 naphthylacetic acid/NAA naphthylacetic acid/Naphthalene acetic acid Ø Acute oral LD50(mg/kg) : 500~5000


Acute transdermal LD50(mg/kg) : 2000~20000;Inhalation LC50(mg/L) : 2.0~20;


The effect to the eye: can cause corneal turbidity, stimulation can be restored within 7 days.


Effect on skin: moderate irritation within 72 hours
Storage Stable for 2 years after receipt of order if stored under recommended conditions.


Keep in Dry and cool place.
Packing Details 1kg/alu. foil bag, 25kg/drum
1-Naphthylacetic Acid NAA 98%TC
Items Specification
Appearance White Powder
Melting Point 134.5-135.5℃
Residues after Ignition ≤0.05%
Loss on Drying ≤0.50%
Content (HPLC) ≥98.0%


Physical and chemical properties
Appearance White powder
Empirical Formula C12H10O2
Molecular Weight 186.21
Melting Point 141-143 °C
Solubility difficult to dissolve in water, soluble in acetone, ether, benzene, ethanol, chloroform and other organic solvents


Plant growth regulator with auxin like activity. It can be absorbed via root, stem or leaf.
It is widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetable, flower, fruit etc.
It can induce formation of adventitious root, improve cutting culture, promote fruit set, and prevent pre-maturation of fruit.
1-Naphthyl acetic acid NAA Description:
1-Naphthalene acetic acid NAA is a plant growth regulator in the auxin family and is an ingredient in many commercial plant rooting horticultural products; Naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) is a synthetic auxin plant hormone that is routinely used for the vegetative propagation of plants from stem and leaf cutting.
The effect of NAA on plant growth is greatly dependent on the time of admission and concentration. When used after four weeks, NAA stimulates shoot growth, while full-time use limits growth. When used in a 4-week pulse, adventitious root growth is greatly increased.
1-Naphthaleneacetic Acid (NAA) is the worlds 2nd most effective rooting hormone PGR. It’s often mixed with Indole-3-Butyrc Acid (IBA) to broaden the Auxin spectrum to enhance results when rooting cuttings.

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