Monopotassium Phosphate MKP 0-52-34Monopotassium Phosphate MKP 0-52-34
Monopotassium Phosphate MKP 0-52-34Monopotassium Phosphate MKP 0-52-34

Monopotassium Phosphate MKP 0-52-34

Monopotassium Phosphate MKP 0-52-34 
CAS NO.:7778-77-0

Product introduction
The Main Parameter:
Quick Details
Classification Compound Fertilizer
Place of Origin china
Brand Name ximandi
Model Number Potassium Phosphate Monobasic
Type MKP
CAS No. 7778-77-0
Purity 99%
Release Type Quick
Application Agriculture
Other Names Potassium phosphate monobasic
EINECS No. 231-913-4
State Powder
Color White Potassium Phosphate Monobasic
Product Parameter
Item Typical Analysis
Appearance White crystal powder
Main content(KH2PO4) 99%
Potassium (K2O) 34%
Phosphorous(P2O5) 52%
  • Usage:
  • A high efficient water soluble fertilizer, applying high content of P and K.
  • A raw material for water soluble NPK.
  • Used as buffering agent in Industry.
  • Advantage:
  • MKP is a high concentrate product, totally soluble in water and fast dissolving.
  • It is the straight fertilizer containing most high percentage of Phosphorus.
  • With its low salt index could be applied in universal kinds of fertigation system, like drip irrigation, hydroponics, sprinkles,pivots, or foliar spray.
  • Benefit:
  • Because of low salt index and is free of Chlorine, Sodium and impurities. It is very safe for system fertilization : foliar applications or sprinkler irrigation.
  • Most ideal ratio of P:K for different stages: fertigation, rooting, flowering, fruit set or ripening and harvest stages. Helps to increase sugar content and improve the quality.
  • Storage and Package:
  • Packed in 25kg bags(PP/PE bags+net bags), or Jumbo bags (1000kg,1200kgs).
  • Storage at cool, dry and well Ventilated place. Do not expose to moist air and sunshine.

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