Monoammonium Phosphate MAP12-61-0
CAS No.: 7722-76-1

Product introduction
The Main Parameter:
Product Parameter
Item Typical Analysis
Appearance White crystal powder
Main content(NH4H2PO4) 99%
Nitrogen 12.1%
Phosphorous(as P2O5) 61%
Moisture 0.15%
Matter Insoluble 0.08%
  • Usage:
  • High efficiency water soluble fertilizer, which can be applied in all growing stages of crops.
  • Raw material for water soluble NPK.
  • Used in dry fire extinguishers.
  • Key Feature:
  • MAP fertilizer is crystalline powder, free of chloride and sodium.
  • It is ideal fertilizer for increasing availability of soil-phosphorus, especially in calcareous soils.
  • MAP can be used in fertigation for most crops and in all growing stages.When used in the early stages of plant growth,  MAP helps to effectively promote optimal development of crop root system which also works in stages of flowering and fruit formation. 
  • Advantage:
  • No content of chloride and sodium.
  • High efficiency source of phosphorus as phosphate (PO4-) which promotes rapid absorption by plants.
  • Acidifying effect on the soil favoring solubility of phosphorus and micro-nutrients.
  • Fully soluble and fast dissolving.
  • Storage and Package:
  • Packed in 25kg bags(PP/PE bags+net bags), or Jumbo bags (1000kg,1200kgs).
  • Storage at cool, dry and well Ventilated place. Do not expose to moist air and sunshine.

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