Properties:  Pure product is white flaky crystal, poorly soluble in water, solubility in water is 0.11mg/L(20℃), easily soluble in ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, dimethyl sulfoxide, acetone and other organic solvents, melting point is about 170℃.
Function features: Forchlorfenuron is new type plant growth regulator, which can increase output of fruits, and can improve the quality of fruits.

Product introduction
The Main Parameter:
The Usage and Dosage of KT-30(CPPU) Used on Different Crops
Crops Dosage (mg/L) Dilution factor of 0.1% LD Method of use Effects
Muskmelon 2-3 300-500 Smear young fruit Increase fruit bearing rate, increase suger content and yield
Watermelon 10 100 Smear fruit stem in florescence Increase fruit bearing rate, increase suger content and yield
Kyoho grape 3-5 200-300 Spray or soak young fruit uniformly(15 days after flower faded) Coloring, increase yield
Kiwi fruit 5 200 Spray or soak young fruit uniformly Better quality and yield-increasing
Strawberry 20 50 6-11 days after flower faded Expand fruit and increase yield
Radish 4 250 Every 4 days spray once from fleshy root expanding, 4 times in total Prevent bolting and increase yield
Plum 5-10 100-200 Spray uniformly with 10mg/L in florescence or with 5mg/L after flower faded Increase fruit bearing rate, increase yield
Pomelo 5-10 100-200 Spray young fruit uniformly 5 days after full-bloom stage Increase fruit bearing, increase yield
Loquat 10-20 50-100 Young fruit soaking Expand fruit and early ripe, increase yield
Honey peach 10-20 50-100 Spray uniformly or fruit soaking 30 days after full-bloom stage Better quality and yield-increasing
Longan 10-20 50-100 Fruit ear soaking Obvious yield-increasing
Cherry 5 200 Spray uniformly in full-bloom stage or 15 days after flower faded Increase single fruit height and yield
Peanut 1-5 200-1000 Foliage spray from pegging stage to pot-setting stage Increase fruit bearing rate, increase yield
Leaf vegetables 1-2 500-1000 Spray before picking Prevent chlorophyll decompose and prolong preservation time
Chrysanthemum 2-20 50-500 Spray before tillering Increase number of flower, increase yield
If the temperature higher than 28℃, can increase water by 10-30%.It should be used with caution on some easy broken fruit.
Product Parameter
Product Name PGR 98% TC Forchlorfenuron, KT-30, CPPU
Other Name Forchlorfenuron, KT-30, CPPU, N-(2-chloro-4-pyrdinyl)-N-phenylurea
Classification Plant Growth Regulator; Agrochemical
CAS No. 68157-60-8
EINECS 614-346-0
Molecular Weight 247.68
Appearance White crystal powder
Formula C12H10ClN3O
Solubility Difficultly dissolve in water, dissolve in organic solvent easily, such as ethanol, methanol and acetone etc. Melting point: 170-172, it’s stable in heat, in acid or alkali.
Specifications (COA) GLP 5batch ICAMA etc. COA/MSDS/SGS/ISO available PGR 98% TC Forchlorfenuron, KT-30, CPPU
Formulations Plant control growth Forchlorfenuron, KT-30, CPPU
Forchlorfenuron, KT-30, CPPU  98%TC
Forchlorfenuron, KT-30, CPPU  0.1%SL
Forchlorfenuron, KT-30, CPPU  2%SP
Toxicity Acute oral LD50 for male rats 2787mg/Kg,female rats 1568mg/Kg,male mice 2218mg/Kg,female mice 2783mg/Kg;acute dermal LD50 >2000mg/Kg. Irritating to skin and eyes. Acute inhalation LC50 (4hr):no mortality under exposure to saturated vapor,NOEL dose 7.5g/Kg. LC50 for fish:rainbow trout (96hr) 9.2mg/L, carp (48)8.6mg/Kg.
Target crops Increase the size of kiwifruit, table grapes and peaches.


Promote fruit set in melons, pumpkins and cucumbers.


Promote branching in apples.


Increase yield in potatoes, rice and wheat
Function Description Have the activity of phytokinin, but more active than 6-BA, Trans-zeatin, 2,4-D. It’s mainly used in flower and young fruit, can make fruit puff and increase yield, and improve the quality of fruit.


Cytokinin kt-30 is a cytokinin type plant growth regulator.


Cytokinin kt-30 can promote cell division, differentiation and growth, and thus enhance germination and fruit set, induce callus initiation, reduce apical dominance, break lateral bud dormancy, retard aging.


Cytokinin kt-30 is used in agriculture, fruit and vegetable, tissue culture.
Storage Keep in Dry and cool place. Store under acidic conditions
Packing Details 25kgs/drum,1kg/bag or according to customers demand.
Product name: Forchlorfenuron, KT-30, CPPU
English name: Forchlorfenuron, KT-30, CPPU
Chemical name: N-(2-chloro-4-pyrdinyl)-N-phenylurea
CAS RN: 68157-60-8
Molecular formula: C12H10ClN3O
Molecular weight: 247.68
Model Number: 98% TC
State: White Powder
Purity: 99%
Application: Plant Growth Hormone
Classification: Plant Growth Regulator
Melting point: 170-172
Appearance: White crystal powder
Loss on drying: 0.5%Max
HS Code: 2933399051

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