Natural Plant hormones Gibberellins, Gibberellic acid GA3 CAS NO.77-06-5
CAS NO.: 77-06-5
Chemical Name: Gibberellin A3; Gibberellins
GA3;2,7-dihydroxy-1-methyl-8-methylene-13-oxo-1,2,4b,5,6,7,8,9,10,10a-decahydro-4a,1-(epoxymethano)-7,9a-methanobenzo[a]azulene-10-carboxylic acid

Product introduction
The Main Parameter:
Product Parameter
Product Name Gibberellic Acid/GA3/Gibberellin A3, GA3 4% EC, ga3 gibberellic acid
Classification Plant Growth Regulator / Agrochemical
Chemical Name (3S,3aR,4S,4aS,7S,9aR,9bR,12S)-7,12-dihydroxy-3-methyl-6-methylene-2-oxoperhydro-4a,7-methano-9b,3-propenozuleno[1,2-b]furan-4-carboxylic acid.
gibberellic acid ga3 gibberellin gibberellin a3 gibberellin x gibbrel gibefol gibrescol gibreskol grocel nci-c55823 pgr-iv pro-gibb pro-gibb plus regulex ryzup ent-3a,10,13-Trihydroxy-20-norgibberella-1,16-diene-7,19-dioic acid 19,10-lactone
gibberellins gibberellin a4 mixt. with gibberellin a4 mixt. with gibberellin a7 gibberellin a4 mixt. with gibberellin a7 chemical gibberellina4mixt.withgibberellina7chemical Gibb-3-ene-1,10-dicarboxylic acid,2,4.alpha.,7-trihydroxy-1-methyl-8-methylene-,1,4a-lactone,(1.alpha.,2.beta.,4a.alpha.,4b.beta.,10.beta.)
CAS No. 77-06-5
Molecular formula C19H22O6
Appearance Powder state or liquid Gibberellic Acid/GA3/Gibberellin A3
Specifications (COA) High effective agrochemical/Gibberellic Acid/GA3/Gibberellin A3 COA available
Formulations Gibberellic Acid/GA3/Gibberellin A3 90% Technical Grade,20%,10%,4%
Precaution Do not mix Gibberellic Acid/GA3/Gibberellin A3 with the alkaline solutions.
Target crops Rice, Cucumber, Tomato, Lemon, Grape,Wheat and Barley, Cotton, Orange,fruit, vegetables, horticultural plants and other crops
Function Description Gibberellic Acid/GA3/Gibberellin A3 belong to a natural plant hormone. 


It can stimulate plant stem elongation by stimulating cell division and elongation. 


It can break seed dormancy, promote germination, and increase fruit setting rate,  or cause parthenocarpic (seedless) fruit by stimulating stems of a plant higher and leaves bigger. 


Then, it has been proved from production practice for many years that the application of gibberellins has significant effect on raising the yield of rice, wheat, corn, vegetable, fruit, etc.
Applications Reduce the fruit falling off.


To prolong the shelf life and keep fresh of fruits.


To promote growth of the vegetative  plants.


To promote spouting of seed and breaking dormancy.


To promote fruit set and the formation of seedless fruits.
Mammalian Toxicity Gibberellic Acid/GA3/Gibberellin A3 is safe to human and livestocks.


Oral Acute oral LD50 for rats and mice >15 000 mg/kg. 


Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats >2000 mg/kg. Non-irritating to skin and eyes. 


Inhalation No ill-effect on rats subjected to 400 mg/l for 2 h/d for 21 d. 


NOEL (90 d) for rats and dogs >1000 mg/kg diet (6 d/w). 
Storage Stable for 2years after receipt of order if stored under recommended conditions.


After 2 years, the compound should be re-analyzed for chemical purity before use.
Packing Details GA3 90% TC, 40% SP, 20% SP; GA4+7: 1kg Al.Foil bag or container,25kg/drum,


GA3 20% tablet: 5gram/tablet GA3 10% tablet: 10gram/tablet GA3 4% EC: 200L/drum
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Physical and Chemical Properties:
Appearance: White powder crystal
Empirical Formula: C19H22O6
Molecular Weight: 346.38Structural Formula:
Melting point: 223-225°C
Gibberellic acid is safe to human and livestock. The acute oral dosage to young mice( LD50 ) > 15000mg/kg.
Do not mix gibberellic acid with the alkaline solutions.
Gibberellins (GA3) belong to a natural plant hormones. Gibberellins (GA3) can stimulate plant stem elongation by stimulating cell division and elongation.
Break seed dormancy
Promote germination
Increase fruit setting rate
Raise the yield of rice, wheat, corn, vegetable, fruit, etc.
Gibberellic acid (also called Gibberellin A3, GA, and GA3) is a hormone found in plants and fungi. Gibberellic acid chemical formula is C19H22O6. When purified, Gibberellic acid is a white to pale-yellow solid. Gibberellic acid is a kind of efficient plant growth regulator, promote crop growth, early mature, improve quality and increase production.
Gibberellic acid can be used for rice, wheat and barley, cotton, fruit, vegetables and other crops, promote its growth, sprout, blossom and bear fruit.
Plants in their normal state produce low amounts of GA3. It is possible to produce the hormone industrially by using microorganisms. Nowadays, it is produced by submerse fermentation, but this process presented low yield with high production costs and hence higher sale value. One alternative process to reduce costs of the GA3 production is Solid-State Fermentation (SSF) that allows the use of agro-industrial residues.
Gibberellic acid is a simple gibberellin, a pentacyclic diterpene acid promoting growth and elongation of cells. It affects decomposition of plants and helps plants grow if used in small amounts, but eventually plants develop tolerance to needed. GA stimulates the cells of germinating seeds to produce mRNA molecules that code for hydrolytic enzymes.
Gibberellic acid is a very potent hormone whose natural occurrence in plants controls their development. Since GA regulates growth, applications of very low concentrations can have a profound effect while too much will have the opposite effect. It is usually used in concentrations between 0.01 and 10 mg/L.

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