Promote adventitious root formation, make stem stronger, dwarf the roots, break dormancy, induce flowering, control flower organ sex differentiation, ripen the fruit, promote aging and shedding.
CAS NO.: 16672-87-0
Chemical name: 2-Chloroethylphosphonic acid

Product introduction
The Main Parameter:
Product Parameter
Product Name Ethephon; Ethrel; ETH ; (2-chloroethyl)phosphonic acid;Florel
Classification Plant Growth Regulator; Agrochemical
CAS No. 16672-87-0
EINECS 240-718-3
Appearance white needle crystal or slightly brown liquid  Ethephon 
Formula C2H6CIO3P
PD No. PD20095861
Solubility Dissolved in water
Specifications (COA) COA/MSDS/SGS/ISO available Ethephon; Ethrel; ETH;Florel

Plant control growth Ethephon 40%, 60%, 65% SL; 90% TC powder; 85% TC liquid Ethephon 85% TC / 80% TK / 40% SL / 10% / 5% / 2.5% Gel
1. Ethephon 85% TC, 40% SL mainly used in fruits, cotton;
2. Ethephon 2.5/ 5%/ 10% Gel mainly used in rubber trees.

Ethephon 90% TC   Certificate No. PD200995861 Ethephon 40% SL   Certificate No. PD20131548 Ethephon 5% PA    Certificate No. PD20181720


Oral Acute oral LD50 for rats 3030 mg/kg (tech.).
Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50 for rabbits 1560 mg/kg (tech.). Irritating to skin and eyes.
Inhalation LC50 (4 h) for rats 4.52 mg/l (tech.).
NOEL (2 y) for rats 3000 ppm diet.
ADI (JMPR) 0.05 mg/kg b.w. [1997].
Toxicity class WHO (a.i.) U
Target crops


Barley, wheat,bananas, rubber tree,azaleas, geraniums, roses,daffodils,pineapple,onion,cucumber,Sugar cane, Tobacco,Apples, Currants, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, morello cherries, citrus fruit, figs, tomatoes, sugar beet and fodder beet seed crops, coffee, capsicums, etc
Function Description →Use To promote pre-harvest ripening of: Apples, Currants, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, morello cherries, citrus fruit, figs, tomatoes, sugar beet and fodder beet seed crops, coffee, capsicums, etc.
→Accelerate post-harvest ripening of: Bananas, Mangoes, Citrus fruit;
→Facilitate harvesting by loosening of the fruit:Currants, Gooseberries, Cherries, and apples;
→Increase flower bud development in young apple trees;
→Prevent lodging in cereals, maize, and flax;
→Induce flowering of Bromeliads;
→Stimulate lateral branching of zaleas, geraniums, and roses;
→Shorten the stem length in forced daffodils;
→Induce flowering and regulate ripening in pineapples;
→Accelerate boll opening in cotton;
→Modify sex expression in cucumbers and squash;
→Increase fruit setting and yield in cucumbers;
→Improve the sturdiness of onion seed crops;
→Hasten the yellowing of mature tobacco leaves;
→Stimulate latex flow in rubber trees, and resin flow in pine trees;
→Stimulate early uniform hull split in walnuts; etc.
*.Max. application rate per season 2.18 kg/ha for cotton, 0.72 kg/ha for cereals, 1.44 kg/ha for fruit.
Applications Method Accelerating ripening and maturation of fruits by releasing ethylene. Fruits treated with ethephon showed rapid increase in respiratory rate.
The most suitable period is when the fruit begin to mature, when colored fruits begin to color, white fruits slightly turn yellow, then you would get the best effects.
Storage Keep in Dry and cool place. Store under acidic conditions
Packing Details Liquid 1000L/Drum, 200L Drum, 20L/Drum etc.
Powder 25kg/Drum, 25kg/Bag, 10kg/Bag etc.
Physical and Chemical Properties

Molecular Weight


Melting point



 White crystal or light yellow crystal, soluble in water, methanol, acetone,and glycol, slightly soluble in toluene, insoluble in petroleum ether.


Product Parameter
Specs 90% TC, 85%TC, 480g/l, 660g/l
Related Substances Standard
Appearance White Waxy Crystal
Acidity(HCL)%(m/m) ≤15.0
Content %(m/m) ≥85.0%
Ethephon 85%TC
Package 250kg/drum


Product Parameter
Items Standard
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Content(W/V)(%) 40%
Boiling point 265℃-267℃
Ethephon 85%TC
Package 200L/drum


Promote plant organ aging mature. Such as for ripening of cottonball , tomatoes turning red.
Restrain stem and leaves growth, such as for maize dwarf and lodging-resistance, cultivate stocky rice seedling, control lychee tip to promote ear.
Increase numbers of female flower of cucumbers and improve output.
Break the dormancy and promote seed germination.√ Stimulate rubber run latex, improve production
Promote shedding fruit of hawthorn, dates, easy picking fruit.
For wheat male sterility , promote dwarf plant and good plant shape
Cuttage rooting and inducing plants roots
Promote pineapple flowering, shorten the growth time of pineapple
For detailed dosage on different plant, pls send your inquiry to us directly.
Ethephon plant growth hormone 40%SL 85%TC : Ethephon, an organic compound, pure white needle crystal, industrial product is light brown liquid, soluble in water, methanol, acetone, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, slightly soluble in toluene, insoluble in petroleum ether. Used as a stimulant for agricultural plant growth.
Ethephon is a high-quality and high-efficiency plant growth regulator that promotes fruit ripening, stimulates wounds recovery, and regulates gender conversion. Penetrating into the plant by leaves, bark, fruits or seeds, then transmitted to the final destination.
Ethephon is a kind of high effect plant growth stimulants, promote ripening, widely used to accelerate ripening of fruits, tomato, sugar beet, coffee, etc; to increase the tillering of wheat and rice; to prevent lodging in rice, maize and flax; to accelerate boll opening and defoliation in cotton; to hasten the yellowing of mature tobacco leaves; to stimulate latex flow in rubber trees, and resin flow in pine trees; to stimulate early uniform hull split in walnuts; etc.

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