How to Grow Strawberry

August 29, 2020

    In the process of planting strawberry, in addition to scientific fertilization, planting methods are also the key to ensuring yield and quality. So how to grow strawberry? The following article will give you a detailed introduction.

    Choose land suitable for strawberry planting

    Strawberry has some characteristics: like light, like fertilizer, like water and cannot tolerate waterlogging. Therefore, when choosing a strawberry field, you should choose the land with a flat ground, good sunlight, higher terrain, and a good drainage system.

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    Make a good base fertilizer before planting and pay attention to the planting process

    Before planting strawberry, you must first sprinkle enough organic fertilizer, and then turn the land back and forth. Pay attention to the spacing and depth when planting. If it is too dense, it will cause poor ventilation of the strawberry later, and it is easy to suffer from plant diseases and insect pests. So, it is most suitable to control the distance about 30 cm.

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    Pay attention to insect pests control in strawberry field

    Strawberry field must be ventilated to minimize the incidence of plant diseases and insect pests. If the strawberry is found to have symptoms of pests, it should be deal with in time. The best time to fertilize strawberry is in the early flowering stage.

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    Strawberry field guarantees sufficient moisture

    Strawberry likes a moist environment. We must ensure the water needed by strawberry, especially during the flowering stage, if there is a lack of water, it will directly cause more flowers and less fruits, leading to reduced production.

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